Case Studies – Printer

Printers are one of those professions which are not really sure why they need to buy Professional Indemnity Insurance. All too often they experience the sharp end of a claim against them before they realise just what can happen!

For Printers the risks that they run which can be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance tend to centre around unintentional breach of copywrite, infringement of decency or more commonly a straight forward error or mistake!

In this case our Printer client made a simple human error. Somehow, and no one quite knows how, the wrong file was put to press and then sent to a mailing house for onward despatch to the Printers clients customers. It wasn’t a terrible error; it was the file that had been received prior to the final mark up of the job. It was however totally wrong. In all 50,000 leaflets had been printed and sent out to 50,000 clients. The Printers client was understandably very annoyed and expected the printer to reprint the job and pay the costs of remailling the new literature with an apology to their customers.

How PI Expert helped
The Printer had a full professional indemnity policy with arranged by PI expert. The cover included costs and expenses of rectifying an error such as this without the Printers client needing to sue him. The printer arranged to reprint the job and PI expert arranged for insurers to pay the cost of doing this. Insurers also picked up the bill for the other items in the pack and the envelopes as well as the second set of postage costs.

The claim was settled in full by Insurers and there was no excess applied to the cost of rectification. The printer was very happy because he had not had to wait until his client had made a claim against him for something that he was clearly at fault for and because he was able to act quickly he was able to retain the business of his client.