Professional indemnity insurance for Directors & Officers

Directors are the life blood of any business. Directors and Officers of the company are personally liable for their actions and, contrary to popular belief, the liability is unlimited. Directors and Officers can find themselves personally liable to the company, its shareholders, investors, creditors and the general public. In some cases they may even face criminal sanctions.

Directors and officers insurance is vital to protect the liability of directors when carrying out their duty as a director. A directors and officers claim can come from many sources – statute, common law, regulations (eg Health & Safety) – all of which can be covered by a directors and officers policy.

Directors and officers liability is as relevant to small business as it is to the larger corporate multi-nationals and plc’s. The same rules and regulations apply to even the smallest business. In many cases, the exposure for a director in terms of his/her own liability, is very much greater for a director of a smaller company.

Most policies can be extended to provide cover for Employment Practices Liability and Entity Defence.

Our specialist, experienced and dedicated directors and officers team has access to all qualifying insurers which enables us to offer the most appropriate advice and most cost-effective professional indemnity insurance available.

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