Professional Indemnity Insurance for IT Professionals

Professional Indemnity Insurance cover is necessary for all IT Professionals. In today’s technology driven world many firms place total reliance on their IT systems. Therefore, if it fails or a new project is delivered late or does not meet the specification of the client, the potential losses incurred by a business may far exceed the cost of the IT project itself.

IT companies and the services they offer are not easy to categorise, largely due to the wide range of business and industrial environments in which IT professionals work. There are some organisations which provide professional recognition, but there is not a general standard that applies in respect of a requirement to hold professional indemnity insurance, although this does not mean that IT professionals can assume that it is, therefore, unnecessary as the reverse is true!

Our specialist, experienced and dedicated IT professional indemnity team has access to all qualifying insurers which enables us to offer the most appropriate advice and most cost-effective professional indemnity insurance available.

To obtain a no obligation professional indemnity insurance quotation, simply download and complete one of our IT PI proposal forms. Alternatively, send us a copy of the insurance proposal form completed for your existing broker.

If your insurance policy is not yet due for renewal, register your interest now and we will arrange to contact you prior to the renewal of your current policy.