Important Changes To Employers Liability Certificate Rules

The law is changing. With effect from April 2012 every employer will be required to register details of their Employers Liability insurance on the Employers Liability Database.

Similar to the Motor Insurance Database, the Employers Liability Database will form a centralised database of Employers Liability information which will contain details of all new and renewed Employers Liability insurance policies, old Employers Liability policies that have new claims made against them and all successful traces from the current ABI Tracing Service.

The database will be available searched by employees and other interested parties to identify the appropriate Employers Liability insurer in the event of a claim. The records will be registered on the Employers Liability Database against the firms Employer PAYE Reference.

Starting from 1 April 2011, in preparation for this change, insurers will begin to contribute information to the Employers’ Liability Database. If your policy falls due for renewal on or after that date we will ask you to supply your firms Employer PAYE Reference for your business and any/all subsidiary companies which are covered by the policy.

This information will be required for all new and renewed policies.

If you have any questions regarding this issue please contact us on 01825 745 410

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