PI Expert Tackles Inertia

PI Expert recently conducted a survey across multiple business sectors about experiences of service and expectations with regards to service providers. The survey revealed some disconcerting facts. Amazingly 17% of those contacted considered their service providers treated them as a number as opposed to an individual.

Furthermore, 15% of survey participants felt their suppliers were not always looking after their best interests. PI Expert prides itself on being a people business and strives to continually provide excellent service and, as such, believe that customers should not settle for less.

Apathy is the leading cause of people failing to switch suppliers, despite being aware of their shortcomings. What’s more, many business actually rely on inertia for profit, a study by Zurich Bank estimated that inertia was costing UK consumers £4-5million every year.

It has been suggested that the foundation of inertia is due to perceived difficulty when it comes to switching. PI Expert is passionate about service and is looking to remove switching barriers. Switching to PI Expert for all professional indemnity needs is simple. Customers can contact them directly 01825 745410 to instantly speak to an expert qualified to meet individual needs.

PI Expert guarantees to provide an individual service each and every time. They make switching straight forwards and promise to satisfy all customers individual needs.

In a world where so many companies are willing to sell cheap insurance online it is vital that some businesses continue to offer expert advice on reliable cover at the best price. The policies researched by PI Expert are matched to clients need so customers can rest assured that if they are unlucky enough to receive a claim is filed against them they will have the support of a valid insurance policy.

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