Professional Indemnity Insurance for Clubs, Charities, etc

There are many types of clubs, charities, trade unions and associations, all of which will need to find the appropriate insurances for their particular club or associations needs.

The scope of services provided by these types of group whether they are an unincorporated group such as a football team or a Residents Association or a more formal organisation such as a Trade body or a professional institute make for a difficult ‘fit’ with conventional ‘off the shelf’ insurance products, as most risks have to be underwritten individually.

From a liability perspective, insurance programmes must be flexible enough to cater for general liability, employers liability and management liabilities such as employment practices liability. There may be a requirement for professional indemnity cover, medical malpractice, abuse and directors or trustee liabilities.

Property covers must be able to cater for a variety of commercial or residential (type) buildings which are either owned or leased and for different types of contents and ‘all risks’ exposures.

This specialist sector demands a specialist approach from underwriters who can take the time to fully understand the unique risks presented and to provide bespoke covers that cater for their particular needs, so minimising the chance of claims falling between (rather than within) insuring clauses.

There is a veritable minefield of dangers awaiting the unsuspecting chairman or club secretary – for example what to do about volunteers – are they employees and how should they be covered. What about member to member liabilities?

PI expert understands this complex area well and knows that the risks can vary greatly. We will help you find the best professional indemnity insurance package for your organisation that is fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

To obtain a no obligation association insurance quotation, simply download and complete one of our association proposal forms. Alternatively, send us a copy of the insurance proposal form completed for your existing broker.

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