Association Policy Cover

Typically the type of cover that an Association needs to consider regardless of size includes:-

General Liability Public and possibly Products Liability cover. Possible requirement for abuse or treatment risk cover

Professional Liability cover is normally provided for this type of risk on an aggregate ‘claims made’ basis in respect of ‘Professional Services’, this might need to include medical malpractice cover for some risks.

Management Liability cover will be required for the Officers of the club/group, officials and volunteers. Liability and Reimbursement cover will probably be needed in respect of governors, directors, council members, officers and trustees of the organisation whilst acting in their capacity. This may need to include external ‘not for profit’ appointments.

Entity Defence cover for the legal costs and expenses in respect of Public Relations Crisis Management, Identity Fraud – misrepresentation by a third party, Investigations – regulatory, health and safety and the like, Corporate Manslaughter, Breach of Contract – provision of goods and services, Pollution – as a result of a wrongful act by a director or officer, Taxation – tax investigations, Data Protection Act

Employers Liability cover catering for all employees, including volunteers, as appropriate.
Employment Law Protection – cover in respect of employment disputes and investigations. Cover may include employment telephone help-line service and/or online document resource. Cover to extend to include volunteers, as appropriate.

Personal Accident – cover in respect of employees (and volunteers) whilst working for the organisation.

Fidelity – covering employee and volunteer dishonesty and third party computer and funds transfer fraud.

Property Damage – for the organisations premises, contents and possessions. If the association has a computer this might also incorporate elements of computer breakdown cover. Cover may also be required for exhibition equipment and attendance.

Business Interruption – cover is generally provided on a loss of income basis and extends to include failure of utilities, local authority and murder or suicide clauses.

Specified All Risks – covering particular items and available in respect of property that may not be kept at the premises.

Money and Personal Assault – cover in respect of money in transit, at the premises, in private residences, at exhibition sites or in a night safe at a bank. Often extends to include personal accident (assault) resulting from (attempted) robbery.

Transit – covering property in transit within the UK, including loading and unloading.

Refrigerated Stock – covering loss of refrigerated stock following a rise or fall in temperature.