Estate Agents claims examples

Professional Indemnity claims can arise against property professionals due a wide range of circumstances. Here are some typical examples:-

Rent Review
A property manager issued a defective rent review notice and as a result of which it was not possible to review the rent.

Property management
Claim made by blind tenant who fell over collapsed wall, despite requests for managing agent to repair dilapidated wall.

A property manager, managing a clients property, arranged repair of a clients building. The property was listed and the incorrect materials were used. Planning permission should have been obtained, and this subsequently resulted in the local authority confirming that the repairs had to be redone.

Estate Agent managing a property portfolio was sued by a trespasser who tripped and broke their leg in a hole in the car park of one of the managed properties during the hours of darkness.

Property misdescription
Claim made by purchaser of property, as property was detailed as having double glazing in estate agents’ particulars, but there was no double glazing. Claimant is claiming cost of installing double glazing

Letting agency
The letting Agency did not obtain a guarantor when letting property. The tenant began to pay rent late then defaulted on several payments. The landlord pursued the letting agent for the outstanding rent, as the tenant disappeared.

Estate Agent
An Estate Agent under-sold a property – claim for difference in sale value

An Estate Agent valued a clients house and it was subsequently placed on the market. The client anticipated a quick sale on the advice of the Estate Agent, and purchased two properties. However, it later came to light that the house had been over-valued and after a long delay was sold at a lower price than originally anticipated. As a result of this, a claim was successfully brought for loss of bridging finance and other expenses incurred.

An Estate Agent lent his clients house keys to a potential buyer without carrying out proper checks. The potential buyer was a conman who stripped the house of all its valuables.

An employee of an Estate Agents firm successfully altered amounts and wordings of cheques, enabling him to obtain the proceeds.